The Science behind Paradox

Our Science
Informed by science

Research is at the heart of everything we do – it drives the creation of better-quality supplements that are proven to work.

High Quality EPA & DHA: Paradox fish oil suppliers state of the art processing plants deliver products that are second to none when it comes to quality.

Highly Stable: Paradox unique formulation delivers the most stable Omega 3
on the market.

Fast Absorption & Digestion: Paradox only use natural oils in the triglyceride form proven to be easier digested and absorbed thus giving
you real observable health benefits.


The Omega Oil with a difference
Paradox leads the field in therapeutic levels of Omega 3

The Omega Oil with a difference Paradox blend the perfect combination of natural Omega oils from the Arctic and Mediterranean diets providing high strength EPA and DHA in completely unique and balanced formulas

Paradox formulations contain only natural triglyceride oils as found in nature which show better bio availability and stability than concentrated supplements manufactured with ethyl esters (EE)

A revolutionary way forward in Omega purity, quality and stability Paradox has been developed using a totally natural and incredibly effective method scientifically proven to protect Omega 3 essential fatty acids against oxidation

Paradox leads the field in therapeutic levels of Omega 3
We’re at the forefront of Omega 3 research, having worked with the UK’s top-rated Department of Biomedical Science at Ulster University. We discovered a completely natural process that keeps fish oil supplements fresher for longer, i.e., the essential fatty acid molecules are naturally stabilised– they don’t spoil, lose effectiveness, or taste fishy. This process is unique to Paradox and makes our supplements more nutritionally powerful, with no unpleasant taste.

Our unique stabilisation process
Fatty acids are categorised into 2 groups – saturated and unsaturated. The difference between the two groups is the number of double bonded carbon atoms in the fatty acid chain. The more double bonds a fatty acid has, the more unstable it becomes and the more easily it oxidises, or spoils.

As a polyunsaturated long chain fatty acid (i.e., a fatty acid with lots of double bonds), Omega 3s are very unstable – oxidative stresses quickly break down the long chain fatty acids, leading to rancidity ,an unpleasant taste, loss of shelf-life, functionality and nutritional value. What’s more, oxidised oils may have an altered biological activity that makes them ineffective or worse, even harmful.
Paradox discovered that blending specific olive oils from the Mediterranean high in antioxidant polyphenols protected the double bonds in the long chain Omega 3 fatty acids preventing oxidation just like galvanising a nail to prevent rusting.

Our research also shows the more you concentrate Omega 3 molecules, ie. making them into un-natural ethyl esters, the more unstable they become .So unlike other Omega 3 supplements , Paradox do not use un-natural ethyl ester molecules in any product. Recent research has shown the natural molecules contained in Paradox called Triglycerides are much better absorbed into the body thus increasing efficacy.

Less is more!
Concentrated omega-3 oils are popular because the label says they deliver higher amounts of EPA/DHA per serving.
But concentrated fish oils can be problematic too.

To create concentrated omega-3 oils, the manufacturer has to change the oil’s natural fatty acid balance, stripping the oil of its full spectrum omega-3 content.

Studies show this can negatively impact the bioavailability of the oils.