Collect your FREE samples

The following available samples can be requested via our contact form by clicking 'Contact Us' at the bottom-right of every page on our website and choose 'Free Samples Request' from the subject's dropdown.

Simply submit the samples of your choice in the contact form's message box. Choose any samples you want from the Available samples list below and let us know the pharmacy of your choice from which you would like to collect them from. We will notify you when they are ready to collect via email or phone number. 

Alternatively, you can send us your house address and we will mail them for you.  

Available samples:

QV Skincare

  • QV Skin Lotion
  • QV Bath Oil
  • QV Cream
  • QV Gentle Wash

BioXtra for Dry Mouth

  • BioXtra Moisturising Gel

     QV Baby 

    • QV Baby Moisturising Cream
    • QV Baby Bath Oil
    • QV Baby Gentle Wash
    • QV Baby Barrier Cream


    Updated: 16/01/2023