How to use Physiomer® Baby Mist?

Before use: check if the spray works properly.

It is recommended to proceed nasal wash before feeding, when the child is awake and calm. Lay the baby down on a slightly inclined bed (30°) with his/her head to one side (never backwards to avoid the risk of wrong way into the throat).


1. Spray some of the solution on your hand:

Spray some of the solution on your hand to check that the temperature is correct and get used to the pressure it delivers. You can also spray on baby’s hand to reassure him/her.



2. Gently insert the nozzle in the upper nostril

Gently insert the nozzle in the upper nostril and press the nozzle once firmly for 1-2 seconds. Let the solution act for a few seconds.



3. Repeat with the other nostril.


4. Wipe his/her nose

Lift baby back up and wipe his/her nose or use a nasal aspirator device.


5. Wash the nozzle

Wash the nozzle with hot water after each use and dry properly.