About Audispray products

How is it different from a home-made salt/walter solution?

Unlike a home-made solution, AUDISPRAY ear hygiene products contain a purified and microbiologically controlled sea water solution and are designed so that the bottle cannot be contaminated by bacteria.

Is the spraying painful?

The bottles of the AUDISPRAY range have a gas-free diffusion system for gentle spraying. Furthermore, the nozzle has been specially designed to prevent the risk of overpressure that could lead to pain. You only experience a cool feeling, as the solution is not at body temperature.

The sea water in the audispray ear hygiene is hypertonic. What does that mean?

A hypertonic solution is a solution that has a greater mineral salt concentration than the body has. This mineral salt content enhances the action of the sea water in separating the ear wax.

About Audispray Junior

Why does Audispray Junior contain glycerol?

The glycerol has an emollient effect: it moistens and soothes the child’s auditory canal.

How many sprays can be applied with an Audispray Junior Bottle?

About 140 sprays.

About Audispray Ultra

How many sprays can be applied with an Audispray Ultra bottle?

About 120 sprays.

The Audispray Ultra solution is white in colour, is that normal?

Yes: the reaction of the surfactants acting on the ear wax gives the solution a slightly frothy and white appearance when it drains from the ear after a spray.