Why are Nail Fungal Infections so common in Winter? Beat it before Summer!

 Winter: A critical time for nail fungal infections

  • One, wintertime tends to be the riskiest season of the year as far as contracting toenail fungus is concerned.
  • Two, if you don’t get existing fungal toenails treated by mid-winter at the very latest, you can probably forget about having clear nails ready to go by the time sandal weather returns.

This means winter is a time to be extra vigilant, and also a time to take action.

Why are Fungal Toenail Infections so common in Winter?

The fungi that cause you to contract this condition love things that are wet—particularly skin, nails, and shoes. A little heat is a big plus, too.

That’s a constant problem in wintertime, for reasons you can probably see. If you’re constantly trudging through snow and slush in shoes that aren’t the most waterproof, chances are your feet and your shoes are going to get wet.

But even fully waterproof boots can get damp on the inside due to retained heat and sweat, especially if you wear them all day long. Plus, wearing constricting footwear all day can lead to minor irritations, injuries, and trauma to the nails—not necessarily enough that you notice it, but enough for an enterprising colony of fungi to get underneath and establish a new home.

Wet skin also makes it easier for an existing skin infection, such as athlete’s foot, to spread down to the toes. (That’s right; the exact same kinds of fungi that cause athlete’s foot, as well as jock itch and ringworm, also cause fungal toenails.)

Here are some ways you can reduce your risk of contracting fungal toenails this winter:

  • Change socks and shoes throughout the day as necessary if they become wet.
  • Treat your shoes with antifungal powders or sprays, or other disinfectants.
  • Give your shoes at least a day to fully dry out before you wear them again. (You’ll need to rotate pairs to achieve this.)
  • Wash your hands and feet at least once per day. Moisturize your skin and nails afterward.

Don’t let a Fungal Nail Infection ruin your Winter (and Spring, and Summer)

Instead, take steps now to either prevent or treat fungal nails, so your feet will be looking their best by the time summer rolls back around!

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