How to Give Your Baby The Perfect Baby Bath Time

Once your precious newborn arrives, bath time will quickly become part of your regular routine. However for many first time parents bathing a newborn is all new territory. Try these helpful hints to make baby bath time a pleasant experience for all parties involved!

Bathing frequency

Babies can’t really get themselves into too many messy situations in the early months – after all, their environment and range of movement is limited. Therefore, you only need to bathe infants a few times a week if you want to. For between bath days or before the baby’s umbilical cord has dropped off you may like to just sponge down the baby.

Bath vessel

There are all kinds of baby baths on the market – but you don’t need anything fancy. You can even bathe bub in the sink- just turn the tap away as it can get hot. If you’re using a baby bath, you may like to place it on a bench or stand as it’s easier on your back than kneeling on the ground. Wherever you decide to baby bath time will take place, make sure the room is warm and comfortable.

Bath equipment

For a smooth bath time experience, it’s a good idea to have all the necessary products and equipment on-hand. Once the baby is in the bath, you won’t be able to take your hands off them, so you’ll want everything you need at your fingertips. Some of the items on your bath time inventory list could include a washcloth, a gentle baby cleanser, baby shampoo, a couple of towels, baby moisturisers and any other skin care products. Don’t forget a fresh nappy and clean change of clothes.

Bath water

There’s a bit of an art to filling a baby bath. You only need a couple of inches of warm water and you should aim for the temperature to be around 37 degrees – you could use a bath thermometer to be precise. Always test the water temperature using the inside of your wrist as this is a heat sensitive area of the body. And on the topic of safety, never leave a baby alone in the bath.

Bathing position

The most nerve wracking part of bath time for new parents is knowing how to position the baby in the bath. The most important thing is to keep a steady arm supporting the baby’s back, head and neck. If you’re unsure, speak to your nurse about your technique. Once you’ve got a secure hold on your bub, gently lower them into the bath. From there you might like to use a washcloth and a gentle cleanser to wash the baby – make sure to get inside all those cute little creases! If your baby already has hair, you may like to wash it using a small amount of gentle baby shampoo.

Baby bath time fun

Bath time isn’t just about getting your little one fresh and clean. It’s also a chance for them to relax and enjoy the experience of being in the water. Try gently splashing the water, drizzling warm water over them or even singing softly.

Post bath care

Just like lowering the baby into the bathtub, you need to take care when lifting them out, especially as they’re wet and slippery. Wrap two hands firmly around the baby’s chest under their arms and lift them out and quickly wrap them in a towel. Lay the baby down on another towel and dry them thoroughly. From there, you may like to smooth on a baby moisturiser. If your little one is currently dealing with cradle cap, nappy rash or other common baby skin ailments, then apply a product to address it before dressing the baby. All that’s left to do? Cuddle your squeaky clean bub and revel in that luscious newborn smell!