Cleansing baby's nose is a good habit to get into


Nasal obstruction in babies can have a broad variety of causes. Mucus that is too dry can stagnate in the nasal passages, an infection may increase mucus production and block baby's nose... quickly making it difficult for baby to breathe properly. Paediatricians and specialists recommend nasal cleansing to overcome these problems.

Nasal cleansing acts on several levels:
  • by moistening the nasal cavity, it fluidifies the nasal secretions and hence aids the natural elimination of mucus;
  • it increases the beat frequency of the cilia at the surface of the nasal cells. The cilia beat in harmony to remove mucus to the stomach, where it is destroyed. PHYSIOMER thereby promotes the elimination of mucus loaded with impurities and potential pathogens.
These physical actions help to reduce contact between pathogens and other irritants and the nasal mucosa.
But nasal cleansing is more than simply a physical action. When the nasal mucosa is infected, it becomes inflamed. This usually serves to eliminate microorganisms. But often, this inflammation gets a little out of control, damaging the mucous membranes and sometimes making the nasal congestion worse. In this situation, nasal cleansing:
  • helps to reduce some of the factors involved in this inflammation;
  • helps the cells repair the damage suffered.

PHYSIOMER is ideal for the treatment of these problems since studies have demonstrated that it is more effective than normal saline.