Cleaning your ears: choose the appropriate product!

For optimal ear hygiene, use a microbiologically controlled, hypertonic, seawater-based solution. Its ingredients will naturally break up the cerumen present in the ear canal. Choose a solution in drops format for babies and an ear spray from 3 years up.

Among the various methods for cleaning your ears, using an ear cleansing solution proves the gentlest option. Available from your chemist, it is easy to use. But what solution should I choose? In what format? Ans designed for who? We will explain all this to you! 

Why do I have to clean my ears regularly? 

Necessary for our hearing and our balance, our ears deserve to be looked after. Regular, suitable ear cleansing is more important than people think! Getting into the habit of cleaning your ears means you can regulate the quantity of cerumen present in the outer ear canal. This is an important preventive measure, as it prevents ear disorders such as wax plugs.

Formed following an abnormal build-up of cerumen at the bottom of the ear canal, a wax plug can cause a number of unpleasant sensations: pain, impaired hearing, dizziness...

What ear cleansing technique should I adopt?

There are various ear cleansing techniques: cotton buds, ear scoops, ear candles, liquid solutions...

What is the best method to adopt to clean your ears properly?

ENT specialists agree that cotton buds are to be avoided . They can be dangerous: indeed, by inserting this kind of object into your ear you risk injuring the eardrum, which is very close to the opening of the ear canal. Furthermore, instead of evacuating the cerumen outwards, the cotton bud pushes it further into the canal, making the formation of a wax plug more likely.

Ear scoops and ear candles are tools that also entail risks. Difficult to use, they can both perforate the eardrum. Furthermore, the ear scoop can irritate the canal's walls. As for the ear candle, it can lead to burns or even to the blocking of the ear canal with candle wax.

The liquid solution is the most simple and the gentlest method to use to clean your ears. But what type of cleansing solution should I choose?

Cleaning your ears: choosing the right ear cleansing solution! 

A little reminder: don't forget that if you have an ear infection or a perforated eardrum, do not use an ear cleansing solution. Ask your doctor or your ENT specialist for advice.

What type of ear cleansing solution should I choose? 

Choose an aqueous solution, more efficient than an oily solution. Choose a microbiologically controlled solution based on sea water, which has a number of benefits for the body ! Indeed, the mineral salts present in sea water are ingredients that separate the cerumen and evacuate it from the ear. Choose an original hypertonic marine solution with a mineral element and mineral salt concentration similar to that of natural sea water.

Apart from its physical-chemical properties that are effective on the cerumen, microbiologically-controlled sea water is in keeping with the physiology and balance of the skin of the outer ear canal. A simple, gentle, effective and natural solution!